12 Jun 2018
5 year Champs - Basketball (Girls)

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Yet again, for the fith year running, the UWC U19A Basketball girls took the title of SEASAC champions, after what had been both a rewarding and intense season. It took many months of tough trainings, consisting of both a plethora of ‘happy runs’ (Coach Nestor’s ironic name for Suicide runs) and sacrifices to ensure we were up to par. During our season we also secured the title for our annual International tour, ISB hosted in Bangkok. Along the way, we encountered a lot of frustrating and disappointing moments which only served to drive us to work even harder. Despite winning three hard-fought games against SAS, when it came down to the last crunch in the ACSIS finals, we sadly lost by a crushing few points, thus placing second in the league. We viewed this devastating loss as a learning curve, the team regained focus and was ever so hungry to prove our sheer dominance at our upcoming SEASAC tournament.

Throughout the year, our team’s bond has grown stronger than ever, this was very evident both on court; where our play was so fluid, and off court; singing to God’s Plan. Through the highs and lows of the season, our team is eternally grateful for Coach Nestor David. Being the backbone of the team, he never failed to inspire us to strive for our potential, and never succumb to defeat. His positive attitude, exquisite dance moves, contagious laughter and experienced coaching truly lifted the both the spirits and level of the team. Sadly, this year the team will be losing four vital players who are graduating. Emotions ran high towards the end of the season approaching our last trainings and games with these beloved teammates, particularly peaking after our SEASAC final. The team will forever cherish the memories that have been made whilst playing Basketball this year. By Tyrel O'Sullivan and Caitlin Pawley