12 Jun 2018
Dunk Basketball (Boys)

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From the first day of training, it became apparent to the whole of the team that this year would be a different beast from the year before. As hopeful players in tryouts lined up on the baseline to complete the dreaded beep test, the moment of realization came through that this team would be structured around its fitness, defense (Mistor Djerf) and its discipline. This was due to a new coach being instituted (Amir Boucenna), whos methods of tough love meant that throughout the season we were alway pushed us to our limits both physically and mentally. Coming in 3rd place from last year's SEASAC, our team was hungry to win the Championship that had slipped through our grasp the year before.
This therefore meant a ramp up in our overall commitment to basketball, more trainings at higher intensity, at times of the day where most sane people would be in bed. Implementing a new system of basketball that demanded fitness (Mr 86kg point guard) and discipline meant that there were always struggles, hardships, and adversities that had to be overcome. This showed in our early tournaments and games especially in Homecoming where all our hard work seemed to dissipate in a game that we were all motivated to win. Another tournament of disappointment was in ISB where the team got a 4th place finish, leaving with a feeling of emptiness and failure, as everyone knew that we could have won. This all led to heightened tension on the team with multiple altercations between everyone involved, players against players, players against coach and Sasha squaring up with everyone in a 5 metre radius.
However through all this struggle there was light at the end of the tunnel as this extra sense of accountability and hunger to win, shaped a team that came together as one. Passes that were once turnovers into the stands (TO madan), became crisp assists leading to baskets on the other end, ISO plays ending up in airballs became planned drives to the basket. However the team also developed off the court as teammates were more than people that you play with on the court, but friends that you would hang out with and look up to.
Leading into the backend of the season with confidence and teamwork at a high, we secured a win over SAS (for the first time in 40 years) a success in itself. Leading into SEASAC there was hope in the team for something better this year, however a unfortunate combination of missed shots and injuries (Inspector Injured) led to us bringing home the bronze again. However in contrast to the start of the year we left with a feeling of success, that we had left everything on the floor, battling to the last. Despite the highs and lows of our season, our team would like to thank Coach Amir for the effort and the sacrifice that he put in this season, which was inspirational for everyone of us throughout the season. As a team we would also like to say thank you to the seniors for their contribution and constant effort, being role models and support throughout the year. The team will cherish all the memories we made this year especially. By Joon Sung Kim